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Gorloks Now!

Gorloks Now! seeks to aid students by provide grant and loan funding for immediate needs and when necessary provide connections to longer-term solutions offered through connection to campus and regional/statewide programs. Gorloks Now! grants are funded through donations specifically directed to the Gorloks Now! fund and will help students who need critical financial support during and after the COVID-19 crisis.


You must be a currently enrolled, degree seeking student at Webster University. Gorloks Now! Grants are available to any student. Students from campuses outside the St. Louis area will only receive these grants as refunds on their student account; in some cases, St. Louis area students may be able to collect payment in person from the Business Office at the main campus. Students may apply for a Gorloks Now! Grant once per academic year or two times total throughout the duration of their enrollment.

Students can receive up to $500 per semester in the form of a grant or loan to address unplanned expenses that are impeding their ability to successfully make academic progress due to the COVID-19 crisis. If funding is available and your existing financial aid will not be negatively affected, your allocation will be a grant which means you do not have to pay back that award. If a grant will negatively affect your current financial aid, the money will be allocated as a loan and will be added to the following semester's bill.

Items covered include but are not limited to:

  • Course/Degree Program required computer software or hardware
  • Cameras
  • Art supplies
  • Instruments or instrument repair
  • Other required items directly related to a course requirement or degree completion

The Gorloks Now! Grant Funding does not cover:

  • Normal and anticipated academic expenses already covered through financial aid (tuition, housing, fees, health insurance, etc.)
  • Professional Association Memberships
  • Student Conference Travel

How do I apply?

Click here to download an application form. Completed forms can be emailed to studentaffairs@webster.edu. Depending on need, applicants may be referred to additional campus or local resources for assistance. Students at campuses outside the St. Louis region may also be referred to the local site director for follow up.