Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council | Webster University

Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council

Chaired by the Associate Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion, the Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council is responsible for addressing a wide range of diversity and inclusion-related issues across the university.

The Council membership provides an opportunity to review and advocate for critical diversity issues, to coordinate diversity programs and initiatives across the University, to advise on and manage diversity planning, and to identify and disseminate best practices.

The Council has been instrumental in bringing about change in several areas, such as coordinating student outreach initiatives across academic units, expanding options related to diversity in the curriculum, expanding available resources, and developing an annual conference.


  1. To advise on strategies and best practices to advance diversity and inclusion priorities
  2. To discuss and provide feedback on ways to better engage and support students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members
  3. To propose initiatives and resources that will improve the campus climate
  4. To provide insight for identifying criteria for performance, success and assessment that supports the commitment to the institutions mission and core values.