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Online Marketing and Communications Programs


Online Marketing and Communications Programs

Compete on a global and digital stage.

In today’s digital world, we experience media and marketing all day, every day. From the smart phone in our hand to using social media to promote an event. From satellite radio, to what brand car we drive, all are the result of the work of communications professionals.

Prepare for a variety of career paths in communications-related fields including Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising, or Fundraising. Marketing remains the cornerstone of successful organizations in every industry. Digital and Social Media Strategists, Brand Ambassadors, Communications Managers, Fundraising and Development Officers all integrate different aspects of theory and practice into their work. Learn to adapt and integrate new skills as technologies change and take your career to the next level.

With digital communications woven through every aspect of our modern lives, it’s never been more important to be able to connect, inform, and inspire action!

Online Graduate Degree Programs

Master of Arts in Advertising and Marketing Communications
Master of Arts in Communications Management
Master of Arts in Media Communications
Master of Arts in Public Relations
Master of Science in Marketing

Online Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Arts in General Studies (full program)