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Online Technology Programs


Online Technology Programs

Technology is everywhere around us. With this booming growth in technology, comes the demand for qualified individuals with a background and the know how needed in the technology industry.

Equip yourself with the skill set for a profession in the ever expanding technology arena. Data Analysts, Information Security Analysts, Security Architects, IT Project Managers, are all examples of key roles needed in the technology industry, as well are website developers and website designers. If you want to be an integral contributor to the field of technology, you need to know how to speak the language and apply the skills that only a degree or a certificate can equip you with. Be primed for a career in technology in the public or private sector.

Online Graduate Degree Programs

Master of Arts in Information Technology Management
Master of Science in Cybersecurity

Online Graduate Certificate

Cybersecurity - Information Assurance
Cybersecurity - Threat Detection

Online Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Arts in General Studies (full program)

Online Undergraduate Degree Completion Program

Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics (degree completion)