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Bringing Diversity to the Surface

Ece Tuncel portrait

Ece Tuncel, PhD

Associate Professor, Management
George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology

“The classroom is a reflection of the differences students will encounter in the workplace.”

A native of Turkey, Ece Tuncel is an expert in the cognition, emotion and personality that influences negotiations and individual decision-making. Her research and teaching areas include organizational behavior, negotiation, and international management. Read her bio.

How would you describe your teaching style?

My approach to teaching is to be fully present in the classroom and connect with my students.  I do not take anyone, any question, or opinion for granted.  I believe this approach creates a trusting learning environment and facilitates critical thinking in my students.

What motivates you?

Making a positive difference in people’s lives—could be my students’, colleagues’, friends’, or family members’.

Ese Tuncel posing outside of EAB

What makes teaching at Webster University distinctive?

Teaching at Webster is very unique, as our students come from different walks of life.  I like that the classroom environment is often a reflection of the differences students would encounter at the workplace.

In my role as a professor, I try to bring this diversity to surface by encouraging students to share their unique experiences and perspectives and facilitating discussion and debate.  My hope is that this approach would lead to a nuanced view of the world in my students.

What is the focus of your scholarship?

I study what makes people effective negotiators. Over the years, I have looked at how negotiators’ emotions and personality traits affect their negotiation outcomes.  

My most recent research focuses on examining the cognitive tendencies that lead negotiators to leave value on the table, with an eye on understanding the strategies that could mitigate such tendencies.

What are you most curious about?

I am most curious about what drives people…to do good things and bad things.

What is your favorite travel destination?

The Mediterranean coast in Turkey.

Ese Tuncel portrait inside East Academic Building

What's always in your suitcase?

My journal and Kindle.

What is your superpower?

I can make great green smoothies. I’d like to believe that I can turn anyone into a green smoothie lover.

Who is the person, living or dead, you most admire?

I admire Benjamin Franklin for his insatiable curiosity and zest for learning.

What three words best describe you?

Curious, resilient, optimistic.


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